At its most elevated heights, Saintspyre is a cozy nest for ambassadors, elite adventurers spending new found wealth, drunken revelers, and hedonists indulging their most extravagant tastes. Perfumed diplomats gather in back rooms, and disguised spies collude in torch lit nooks. Saintspyre is a neutral crossroads for dignitaries and carousers from all over the region.

Anything can be forgiven for a price—anything except intrigue against Highgarden. The Highgarden Treasury is among the richest Treasure Houses in Eluvenar, second only to Alanth and the Wise Palace. Located just outside the entrance to Highgarden proper, the Highgarden Treasury offers banking for the great and the noble who don’t feel up to the perils and debauchery of the Wise Palace.

Private rooms in Highrock average about 5 gp per night and are protected by house guards, attended by valets, and allow access to a private feasting halls with other guests of Highgarden. The owner of Gold and Brimstone – the most successful and lavish of the Highrock inns – is a tiefling named Tayla, wears gold rings on her hands and her horns.

Sascha and Vischa, brother and sister humans, oversee day-to-day operations of the Bronze Dragon Inn. They are rogues retired from the adventuring trade, and they have a predilection for old stories and new rumors.

Highmarket: The shops and stalls of Highrock are filled with overpriced goods and services. Highmarket is the best place to go looking for magic and magic items; but most everything at Highmarket will be of the highest quality.

Wise Palace: Part Treasure House, part Gambling Den, Wise is also the home of Wise Aelborne, sometimes called Undermayor of the Hanging City. It is a palace as notorious and debauched, lavish and risqué, rich and dangerous, as Saintspyre itself. Wise filled his domain over the years with weathered statues wearing fine silks, enormous vases and intricately decorated urns, beautiful servants to attend to his needs, and steadfast guards to protect his life. This is a place where fortunes are made and broken in a single night. All manner of souls flock to the outer parlors, where they can watch and join in on the city’s finest games, and to the inner chambers, where they can gamble for any stakes they’re willing to risk. To win here is to have your name sung by traveling bards far and wide. To lose is to fade from memory. To cheat is to die.

Wise Palace does not rent rooms, but Wise frequently invites interesting visitors to stay the night in his richly appointed guest suites, with lavish food and drink provided throughout their stay. Guests are expected to dine with Wise at his feasting table and to be erudite, gracious, and entertaining. It’s rude to decline, and ruder still to stay more than three nights.

Shrine of the Winged: High atop the southernmost spire of Saintspyre and reachable only by steps carved into the rock which are as much ladder as stairway, the Shrine of the Winged is a place of meditation and reflection. Much of Saintspyre is visible from its lofty height, from the green water at its feet to the gilded palaces that form its crown. Visitors are kept to a minimum by a druid who sits at the base of the stairs, telling prospective guests whether they can ascend immediately or must wait for someone to come back down. This arrangement ensures that callers at the shrine can be alone with their thoughts and with the many birds that nest in the trees and eaves of the shrine.


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