Lower Reach

Lower Reach & Waterline

Life at the base of Saintspyre’s great cliffs is ugly and hard. Lean-tos and awnings serve as shelter for an assortment of transients and permanent residents hoping to earn enough coin to buy passage upriver or up the cliffs. Lodging in these lower levels consists of curtained alcoves, free to whoever claims them first or most viciously, with no security against thieves or the damp. Life down here isn’t stable enough for much of a power dynamic to form. The adventuring party or the family unit is usually the largest organization to survive more than a few weeks on this level.

The Greenstone City: Exploring a maze of half-flooded passages in the sea caves below Saintspyre’s largest stone column reveals the remains of a city carved from green stone and lit by blue gems. It is accessible only to those who have the means to breathe underwater, but its existence is documented in many tavern stories. Locals speculate that the lost city might be part of the dungeon that Wise Aelborne explored and plundered decades ago. The passages are thought to be thoroughly looted, but perhaps the runes and etchings on the walls contain the secrets to forgotten rituals or the maps to undiscovered treasure.

White Branch Caves: The White Branch is an offshoot of Saintspyre’s riverway known for its smooth, white mud that has a way of getting into everything. The caves along that stream are maintained by charitable priests as homes for those who have been temporarily lost Avandra’s favor. Barge-poling vendors offer fried fish for sale, and the compassionate priests offer soothing words and gambling strategies. Custom holds that throwing coins into the White Branch caves brings good luck to both the thrower and those who pick up the coins.

Lower Reach

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