At the site of the fall of the great Tarrasque, where the Cliffs of Broken Iron were broken, is the Hanging City. Named Theleronde by the Elven Mages who have taken the reigns of the city’s government, and Titan’s Fall the citizens who struggle against the yoke of the magocracy.

Visitors to Titan’s Fall marvel at its cliffside rope bridges and gawk at its many hanging prison cells – home to ruffians, spies, thieves, and anyone who crosses the Elves of Highgarden. The city is built on the bones of a Great Beast, and the site of the epic battle which saw the end of the monster’s rampage. Built on the backs of the pious, Titan’s Fall got it start as a small village of faithful believers in the Ascension of Saint Cuthbert who built their homes and their temple at God’s Rest, where Cuthbert and his allies rested after they destroyed the Tarrasque.

Since the rise to power by the Mages of Highgarden, the city has largely given over to vice – in reaction to the draconian laws imposed by the Arcane Council. The citizens of the Hanging City relish in overindulgence. The council itself sequesters itself in the White Towers of Highgarden, where they focus on their magical experiments and other esoteric studies.

Most buildings in Titan’s Fall are cut into the high, grey walls of the river canyons, between thirty and sixty feet above sea level. Their entrances are linnked togther by rope bridges and bamboo scaffolding, whose precarious footing can prove treacherous to the unwary. People approaching Titan’s Fall from teh busy river landings must either be hoisted up in cages or lifts, or climb story after story of rope-and-plank stairs. Travelers coming overland must descend narrow, treacherous stairways meant to funnel and obstruct attackers in the event of a siege.

Guests to Titan’s Fall might encounter great hospitality and luxury, or squalid ruin; but everyone obeys the Law. Before the slaying of the Great Beast, the Broken Iron Cliffs were the sight of ancient caves, many of which were once home to a variety of monsters and beasts. In other areas, tombs and shrines were carved into the cliffs by later residents. Most of these caverns, both natural and chiseled, now have wooden fronts and anterooms affixed to the cliffs outside. Inside, the repurposed temples are decorated with gaudy fabric and fancy furniture to create a feeling of casual luxury that has become synonymous with Titan’s Fall.

At its highest point, far above the river, the city is posh and palatial. In its middle reaches, bustling throngs crowd into low-ceilinged gaming dens, smoky taverns, and paper-walled teahouses. In the lowest areas, poor travelers and beaten-down residents throw stones and dice to test their luck, catch fish in the sluggish river, and sometimes disappear into the network of caves at the waterline, never to be seen again.

And through it all move the myriad and varied priests and clerics who see to the city’s soul and salvation. Godswalk – the oldest of the city’s districts – is home to Temple and Church and Holy Shrines. At the center of it all sits the Basilica of Cuthbert’s Rest.


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